Love This Pencil,

Ethel love the way it glides across the blue line love it’s coral casing day-glo flowers love it’s quickie-click and ceaseless silken lead what are you thinking about dear Ethel rain heat sky what a beautiful day to die are you dreaming of Jesus again Ethel his creamsicle skin and soft fingers let’s meet in church beneath the green fabric scroll with the glistening ivory doves and beg him to listen Lord I am not worthy to receive you but only say the word and I shall be healed and that’s all I really want Ethel to be healed my dream is your dream the high ceilings the velvet pulpit the blood-soaked crown of thorns why does living hurt like this Ethel can’t we skip the wallowing and praise this pencil instead don’t you love it’s holy golden nib and lasting life why is this unfixable Ethel and why isn’t this heavenly pencil enough try writing your name right here Ethel it’s okay if it’s not on the line carve something divine into the powder-soft flab of your arm a chalice a sunflower a glistening ivory dove hail to this mechanical pencil Ethel yes hail to all of these miraculous distractions that tether us to hope.

First appeared in Sugar House Review

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